When many people look at faces, they fail to consider how important cheeks are in a person’s appearance. Cheek implants in Annapolis, Maryland have helped many patients feel more confident about how they look, and cheek implant surgery is considered safe. Here are a few facts about getting cheek implants at Sandel Duggal Center.

Do They Make a Big Difference?

Cheek implants can have a significant impact on your appearance, and they can help give your face a more attractive look. However, it is important to use the right size implants and place them carefully to ensure optimal results.

Is the Surgery Safe?

Since the incisions are small and the implants are safe, the surgery is widely regarded as safe. While all surgeries entail some risk, cheek implant surgery results in few complications. Most patients recover quickly although there may be a bit of swelling in the days following the surgery.

How is the Surgery Performed?

In order to minimize scarring, Dr. Sandel will make a tiny incision. The incision is place by the upper lip to make it difficult or impossible to see even on close inspection. The implant is secured into place to ensure that it remains attached. Compared to other surgeries, cheek implants are done quickly.

What is Recovery Like?

Dr. Sandel uses sutures that dissolve naturally, so there is no need to have them removed. Some patients will find their facial movements to be somewhat limited during the post-surgical phase, and they may need to alter their diets for a short period of time. Swelling typically disappears quickly.

Are Cheek Implants Right for Me?

Determining whether cheek implants are right for you depends on whether they will improve the look of your face. While they can help some patients achieve a better appearance, they are unnecessary and can even be counterproductive for other patients.