The natural aging process will have an effect on every area on the face. The skin on the neck and face will begin to sag. Lines will also begin to develop around the forehead and corners of the eyes. These are referred to as the crow’s feet. It is very easy to see why many people in Annapolis, Maryland choose to get a facelift.

There are several things that doctors have to consider when deciding whether a patient is a good candidate for a procedure. One of those factors include the patient’s overall health. People who are healthy generally heal faster than people who have health problems. The bone structure, skin type and ethnic background are some of the other things that have to be taken into consideration.

It is also important to note that one should have a realistic view of this procedure. Even though a facelift can improve one’s appearance, it probably will not solve self-esteem issues. Many people get this procedure performed along with cosmetic surgeries, such as cheek implants or facial liposuction.

A facelift is performed by making an incision along the hairline of the temple. The doctor will then circle around the ear and ear lobe and then return to starting point. After that, the outward skin will be raised and the underlying connective tissue and muscle will be tightening. A facelift may also involve removing extra fat and skin. The incisions are closed using metal clips and/or fine sutures. Mild general anesthesia is used during this procedure.

It typically takes two or three weeks to recover from this procedure. You may experience a little discomfort during this time, but it probably will not be unbearable. You will probably notice some bruising and swelling. Scars will probably not by noticeable. They may be concealed by makeup also.