Long gone are the days when a traumatic surgery, followed by a long and painful recovery time, awaited those who wanted or needed a nose job, which is otherwise known as rhinoplasty. The Sandel Duggal Center, an Annapolis, Maryland-based, facial plastic surgery center offers safe and effective rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a common procedure that is used to improve your breathing, correct the shape of your nose after any sort of trauma or to reshape your nose to something more desirable. If you have already had surgery done at another location and are unhappy with the outcome, the Sandel Duggal Center is happy to evaluate your situation and provide you with the results you are looking for.

Depending upon the needs of each individual patient, the Sandel Duggal Center offers two forms of rhinoplasty surgery. Most patients have an open rhinoplasty that uses an external approach, which gives your surgeon better access to the tip of your nose for excellent results. Closed rhinoplasty is used for minor changes aimed at the tip of your nose or the cartilage. For this type of procedure, all incisions needed will be made only on the inside of your nose. The goal for both procedures is to create a natural look that draws attention to your entire face rather than just your nose.

Rhinoplasty is performed on an out-patient basis with light anesthesia. A splint is applied to aid in the support and proper healing of your new nose. It is usually removed within one week. Many patients are ready to return to work a day or so after the surgery is done, with most all returning to work as soon as the splint is removed. Bruising and swelling is common after surgery, but it will decrease slowly with full healing occurring in as little as one month and generally no longer than three months.

You can be assured your comfort and care is of the utmost importance when you decide to have your surgery performed at the Sandel Duggal Center. Visit www.sandelcenter.com, or call 410.266.7120 for an appointment or to learn more today.