7 Tips for Skin Care After a Facelift

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When women and men wish to revive their youthful facial appearance by reducing sagging cheeks, jowls, wrinkles, lines, and folds, many seek a facelift. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Sandel employs cosmetic surgery to restore facial volume. The operation removes excess skin and tissue and restores facial contours to radiance and beauty. But what happens afterward?

Like all surgery, a facelift requires some downtime and recovery. To ensure optimal outcomes after the procedure, here are a few skin care tips to help you heal quickly and enjoy your results sooner.

1. Cleansing and Moisturizing

You may experience moderate discomfort around the incision sites after surgery, but don’t allow this to prevent you from washing your face. If you don’t follow proper cleansing practices, bacteria can build up, causing unwelcome infections.

Wash and moisturize your face gently after your facelift, using soft gauze or cloth combined with an antibacterial cleanser. Follow this with a medical-grade moisturizer to reduce scarring and keep your skin healthy during recovery.

2. Minimize Bruising and Swelling

After your facelift, you will experience a significant amount of facial trauma. Bruising and swelling are typical in the days after surgery, and will likely get worse before they get better.

By keeping your head elevated while resting or sleeping, you will reduce the risk of inflammation to allow optimal healing. Also, cold compresses are excellent for reducing swelling.

3. Don’t Sweat It

We recommend avoiding strenuous workouts for at least two weeks after your surgery. However, we encourage light, daily activities like walking around your house, yard, or down the street to improve circulation and promote healing.

4. Eat Healthily

Maintaining a healthy diet after a facelift is critical to a successful recovery. Meals should consist of lean proteins, fresh produce, and whole grains. Avoid unhealthy, overly processed foods such as fast food and prepackaged meals from your grocery store.

5. Drink Water

There are two primary ways to keep your skin moist – by using a topical moisturizer and drinking plenty of H2O. We recommend you consume a minimum of 65 ounces of water daily, whether you are in recovery or not.

6. Get Plenty of Rest

After surgery, your body needs plenty of rest. Try to get a minimum of seven to nine hours of high-quality sleep daily. We call it beauty sleep for a reason – it’s when your body is at its best in providing healing nutrients to wounds or illnesses.

7. Stay in Touch

Your facelift journey is not over once you leave the surgery center. In many ways, it has only begun. Make sure you attend all your scheduled follow-up visits so Dr. Sandel can observe the healing process and give additional instruction when necessary.

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