You May Be Happier with Lighter Breasts

While a woman’s body figure is complemented by her curvature of breasts and hips, having disproportionately large breasts is quite bothersome. Apart from aesthetic imbalance, a woman with large breasts may suffer from persistent backaches and neck pain.

Large breasts increase spinal cord stress and alters body language. Many women, who are vexed with their large breasts, find relief with breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure designed to reduce natural breast size to create an aesthetically pleasing shape and proportion. Excessive tissue and fat which gives the breast its large size, is surgically removed to offer lighter and firmer breasts.

Breast Reduction is the Road to a Better Version of You

Breast reduction offers several advantages apart from the obvious benefit of smaller breasts. Women who’ve undergone the breast reduction surgery find that having smaller but firmer and more lifted breasts makes for a more comfortable life.

The size reduction makes shopping for bras and new clothes a fun exercise rather than a series of trial and errors in trying to find the right size and look that fits you.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, women who undergo the breast reduction surgery may find that they feel more comfortable walking around and performing strenuous activities. Gone will be the days of back, neck, and shoulder pain. Patients can rest easy knowing their lives will be more comfortable.

Options to Consider for Breast Reduction Surgery

The technique used during the surgery depends on the surgeon performing the procedure and the needs of each individual patient. The surgery is customized to suit the unique desires and bodily structure of each patient. In most cases, excessive fat accumulated in the breast region is removed through liposuction, offering a minimally invasive alternative to surgical breast reduction procedure.

Liposuction offers the advantage of minimal downtime, undetectable post-surgical marks and lasting results. The limitation of liposuction is that it is best suited in cases where the large size is caused mainly by the accumulation of fatty deposits.

Correcting asymmetric and sagging breasts is best done with a breast reduction surgery. Again, there are variations in the procedure based on the shape and position of the incisions made. Two commonly used incision methods are the lollipop technique or vertical reduction and the Inverted ‘T’ technique, also known as anchor reduction.

A vertical incision is applied when the degree of sagging in the breasts is low with moderate size reduction. There are two incisions made and to facilitate the removal of excess fat and tissues. Reshaping the breast, in this case, is largely internal with an added benefit of the breast lift.

The more invasive option is the anchor breast reduction technique as it requires three incisions. The inverted T is the most appropriate approach to treat significant breast size reduction and sagging.

Recovering from a Breast Reduction Surgery

Feeling a bit disoriented after the surgery is common because everything from the way you stand to how you walk feels different thanks to lighter breasts. You will get used to the unfamiliar feeling of lightness and begin to appreciate the small things you missed out on like playing certain sports and wearing your favorite bikini styles to the beach.

In the days following the surgery, strenuous physical exercises are best avoided until you have healed completely. After the treatment, you may notice some swelling. This is a temporary side effect that will subside in time. As it dissipates, your results will become more pronounced and outstanding.

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