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If you are feeling self-conscious or are suffering from discomfort due to the shape and size of your vagina, you should consider getting a labiaplasty. A surgery like this is highly personal and invasive, but in some cases, it becomes unavoidable if you want to maintain your well-being.

You should never shy away from exploring your options to make you feel better even if that means undergoing a surgical procedure.

Common Reasons to get a Labiaplasty

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider undergoing a labiaplasty. The two most common reasons are aesthetics and discomfort.

Some women may feel self-conscious or simply unhappy with the shape and size of their labia. It can affect them greatly and cause them to develop intimacy issues.

In other cases, some women are genetically predisposed to having an enlarged labia that may make wearing tight clothes difficult and exercising extremely uncomfortable. Sexual activity may cause itching, chafing, and irritation as well.

In addition to these issues, childbirth and the aging process also cause or add to already existing discomfort for the female genitalia. These issues can cause you to feel extreme anxiety, insecure, and stressed.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

The entire surgical process may take two to three hours to perform. Depending on your unique needs and what is best for you your doctor will administer an anesthetic. Absorbable sutures are always used for this kind of procedure to close any incisions created.

Common yet rare risks are scarring, infection, and bleeding. They are common as these types of risks are associated with every type of surgery, but they are rare for labiaplasty as a procedure in itself, more so because the patients are mostly adult women who understand the importance of after-care for a surgery such as this.

You can choose to have either a trim or wedge procedure. For the trim technique, you will undergo the removal of excess skin by making a vertical incision around the labia majora and minora. It will help to get rid of uneven edges. For the wedge technique, excess tissue is removed and symmetry is brought by suturing the remaining skin.

Recovering from the Labiaplasty

You will be able to return to work within two to four days, but full recovery might take longer. You can resume normal sexual activity after six to eight weeks.

The Benefits of Labiaplasty

The most common benefits of labiaplasty include:

• Increased sexual gratification due to a better-proportioned labia
• The surgery will help diminish any sagging skin and make the labia look more youthful
• Improved vaginal muscle tone
• Increased comfort while performing physical activities
• Increased comfort while wearing tight clothes
• Fast recovery
• Low chance of complications
• A much healthier appearance

Even if you might have shelved the idea of undergoing a labiaplasty for quite some time, it’s important to treat yourself to feminine wellness and schedule an appointment to learn more about the labiaplasty as soon as you can.

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