What to Expect With Arm Lift Recovery

Also known as brachioplasty, an arm lift can help you get rid of hanging skin and unwanted fat across your upper arms. Besides tightening contours, the procedure also provides a more defined and sculpted appearance. If you’re considering this surgery, you might have several questions in mind about recovery.

When you have your arm lift performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, you can expect healing to be a straightforward process. Typical arm lift post-surgical restrictions require you to refrain from moving your arms for the first couple of days after your surgery, but you can resume light activities right after this period. By following the arm lift aftercare instructions provided to you, you can also manage post-operative symptoms and enjoy the results within six to eight weeks.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialization in body contouring procedures, Dr. Claire S. Duggal performs arm lift surgery in Annapolis, MD, with the required expertise and care. Besides choosing an arm lift approach that helps you achieve your goals, Dr. Duggal also supports you through every step of your recovery.

Read on to learn more about the typical arm lift recovery experience.

How Long Does Arm Lift Recovery Take?

While the healing timeline varies from patient to patient, it typically takes between two and three weeks. While your body heals, you may get tired more easily. Take time to rest and focus on self-care. You can gradually ease back into your typical activities as soreness, swelling, and bruising subside.

During the first few days after your arm lift surgery, you’ll have bandages on your upper arms. At your arm lift follow-up appointments, Dr. Duggal will provide you with personalized advice on how long the recovery process after arm lift may last for you.

Are There Any Specific Arm Lift Aftercare Instructions I Should Follow?

The arm lift procedure requires Dr. Duggal to remove excess skin and fat from your upper arms with surgical techniques such as liposuction. Afterward, you need to steer clear of any actions that may affect your sutures, bandages, or overall treatment area.

After your arm lift surgery, we’ll send you home with a list of arm lift aftercare instructions tailored to your lifestyle, professional responsibilities, and present health concerns. Please follow these directions carefully to ensure a smooth, comfortable arm lift recovery experience.

Arm lift recovery tips include:

  • Not moving your arms until Dr. Duggal clears you to do so.
  • Not lifting heavy objects until you have made a complete recovery.
  • Not subjecting your arms to impacts such as ones possible during contact sports.
  • Not putting pressure on your arms by carrying a bag or other objects.
  • Following Dr. Duggal’s personalized post-surgical instructions.
  • Returning to work according to Dr. Duggal’s recommendation.
  • Taking your medications on time.
  • Consuming a healthy diet.
  • Getting seven to nine hours of restful sleep every day. 

When Can I Resume Normal Activities After Arm Lift Surgery?

You can typically resume most of your activities – including light household chores and returning to a sedentary job – two to three weeks after your arm lift. However, you should not lift heavy objects or do strenuous workouts for at least six weeks after your arm lift surgery.

Depending on your healing pace, Dr. Duggal will advise you on when to return to all your usual daily activities after going through the arm lift recovery stages.

What Pain Management Options Are Available During Arm Lift Recovery?

Qualified plastic surgeons always put your comfort front and center, ensuring you can manage post-surgical pain is a significant part of an arm lift treatment plan. Dr. Duggal makes it easy for you to access different pain management options while you heal.

There are two common approaches to alleviate pain after arm lift surgery. The first is over-the-counter pain medication, which you can easily get without a prescription. But if you have a low pain tolerance or find OTC meds are ineffective, Dr. Duggal can also prescribe you prescription medications. You can discuss your pain management concerns with Dr. Duggal during your arm lift consultation.

How Can I Promote Faster Healing and Minimize Scarring After an Arm Lift?

Following all your aftercare instructions to the letter is the best way to ensure a smooth experience with less risk of prominent scarring. Since these personalized directions relate to the type of surgical technique used and address your lifestyle requirements, they can go a long way toward ensuring optimal arm lift surgery outcomes.

You can also remember the following advice.

  • Take your medications on time: The medications Dr. Duggal suggests go beyond pain management, minimizing possible arm lift complications such as infections.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure: Exposure to UV rays can lead to scarring after surgery. Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen if you must go out in the sun.
  • Use suggested topical treatments: Dr. Duggal might recommend specific treatments for lessening arm lift scarring. By using them as advised, you can reduce your chances of having noticeable post-surgical scars.

What Should I Expect During Follow-Up Appointments?

During your arm lift follow-up appointments, you should expect Dr. Duggal to examine the surgical sites, which tells her if you are meeting the typical arm lift recovery expectations. From there, she may give you specific restrictions or clearances.

The frequency of these follow-up visits may also change as you progress. For instance, your first follow-up might take place a couple of days after your surgery, while your next few appointments might be a week or more apart. By keeping all scheduled meetings with Dr. Duggal, you can ensure optimal surgical outcomes.

When Will I See the Final Results of My Arm Lift Procedure?

While this surgery makes immediate improvements to your upper arms, you cannot see them due to temporary limitations like bandages, swelling, and bruising. While you can have your dressings removed within a few days, post-surgical swelling and bruising may take one to two to subside. Even after this period, your new arm contours will continue taking shape over the next six to eight weeks.

The complete arm lift healing timeline varies among patients. During your arm lift follow-up appointments, Dr. Duggal will give you a precise idea about achieving your ideal outcome.

Consult With Dr. Duggal for Your Annapolis Arm Lift

Arm lift surgery provides you with long-lasting results for an enhanced appearance. Though your skin will continue aging, your renewed contours will still be noticeable, helping you enjoy near-permanent redefinition for your arms.

With her extensive experience in performing arm lift surgery, Dr. Duggal can help you achieve your aesthetic goals from your brachioplasty while ensuring your comfort throughout the recovery process. Whether you have general questions about the arm lift surgical procedure or recovery timeline, Dr. Duggal also takes the time to address all your concerns and helps you make an informed decision about your brachioplasty. To schedule your arm lift consultation, contact the Sandel Duggal Center for Plastic Surgery of Annapolis online or call us at (410) 266-7120 today.