What to Expect After Your First Microblading Appointment

Did you overpluck your eyebrows back in the Christina Aguilera days, only to find yourself left behind when beauty standards changed? Today, thick brows are trending, but you might not know how to jump aboard this bandwagon. During the pandemic, when you are wearing a mask to keep vulnerable people in your community safe, your eyebrows are pretty much the only thing that stands out for others to see.

Microblading is the new brow enhancement trend, designed to create flawless eyebrows. Here is some essential information to know about microblading and what it can do for you.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of micro-pigmentation that delivers a semi-permanent tattoo, creating the illusion of fuller eyebrows. We use a specially designed handheld device to implant pigmentation into the skin to create a lush eyebrow appearance.

This eyebrow enhancement treatment creates finely scratched lines on the skin to deliver a beautiful brow shape. First, our microblading specialist, Julie Stup, will outline how your finished brow should appear, with your input on thickness and shape. You can also choose from various colors to achieve a natural look.

The benefits last up to three years, depending on your skin type and skin care regimen. In addition, you can schedule annual touch-ups or color boosts to keep your brows looking fresh and beautiful.

The entire treatment session will take about an hour, starting with applying a numbing cream for your comfort.

After Your Treatment

For the few days following your appointment, your eyebrows will appear bold and dark. Don’t panic! That’s normal. Within a week after your treatment, the brows will scab and flake and may look a bit patchy. They may even seem to disappear. But, again, don’t get alarmed.

Within two weeks after microblading, your brows will look close to normal, but still may be faint and patchy. Now, it may be time for a touch-up.

We recommend touching up within six weeks after your treatment. After initial treatments, your touch-up will only take about a half-hour. Then, your brows will look so much fuller.

Taking Care of Your Brows

Taking care of your brows after microblading is simple. The first day, we recommend patting your brows with a moist cotton ball every hour, washing with baby soap or shampoo. We will also give you a topical cream to apply daily to help reduce scabbing.

Avoid getting your brows wet, because water is rough on fresh ink. And don’t expose your brows to the sun for four weeks, applying sunscreen to protect the pigment when you go outside. Caring for your brows correctly will help you from needing touch-up sessions too soon.

Learn More About Microblading in Annapolis

If you would like more information about getting thick, full, and fashionable eyebrows, contact us today to schedule your appointment. Then, you will wake up every day with brows that make you feel beautiful and confident!