The Differences Between a Breast Augmentation and a Breast Lift

breast augmentation

Breast lifts and breast augmentations are both effective ways to get a bust that makes you feel confident. However, the two procedures have distinct differences and are designed to address different patient needs. We recommend all patients schedule a consultation to discuss which procedure is best for them. What are the key differences between a breast augmentation and a breast lift?

What Is a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is used to refer to the surgical enhancement of the size and shape of breasts using the placement of silicone implants, saline implants or the patient’s own fat. Breast augmentation is a versatile procedure that can assist with a number of concerns, including improving the shape and symmetry between the breasts, restoring fullness, balancing the body and increasing size. Because there is no universal solution for every woman, it’s important to partner with a skilled expert like Dr. Duggal.

Who are the best candidates for a breast augmentation?
• A woman looking to change the size of her breasts
• A woman looking to change the shape of her breasts
• A woman with asymmetrical or uneven breasts
• A woman who lost significant weight
• A woman who lost breast volume or shape after pregnancy or breastfeeding

What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that repositions existing breast tissue on the chest. Breast lifts are typically used to correct drooping or sagging breast tissue without adding to the volume of the breast. Breast lifts are ideal for women who are happy with the size and shape of their breasts but unhappy with the position of their breasts.

Who are the best candidates for a breast lift?
• A woman whose breasts are sagging
• A woman who lost significant weight
• A woman whose breasts are drooping after pregnancy or breastfeeding

Which Procedure Is Right for You?

Breast lifts focus on the position of the breast, not the size and shape. Breast augmentations concentrate on the size and shape of the breast, not the placement on the chest of the breasts. For that reason, some women choose to have both an augmentation and a lift for best results. Combining the procedures will allow for the breasts to be restored to a youthful position and increase in volume.

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