Eyelid Surgery vs. Brow Lift

Wrinkles begin to form as people age. The forehead and around the eyes are some of the most common areas for wrinkles to initially emerge. These areas are the first to show sagging and fine lines. Sagging of the eyes is an issue that occurs in the middle stages to the later stages of life…. Read More »

Does a Brow Lift Change Your Eye Shape?

When the initial signs of aging appear, it is typical to feel somewhat discouraged. Fortunately, nonsurgical treatments can go a long way to improve fine lines and wrinkles. However, when deeper lines and severe signs of facial aging begin to develop, it may be time to consider your surgical options. One of the most frustrating… Read More »

Considering a Brow Lift? 5 Questions to Ask

Has anyone ever told you that you look exhausted or long in the face? The upper face, which includes the eyes, brow, and forehead, plays a significant role in expressing ourselves. But there could come a time in your life when your outward appearance doesn’t reflect how young, happy, and vital you feel on the… Read More »