Is Now the Right Time for a Nose Job? Rhinoplasty During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Though many of us hoped to ring in 2022 on a different note, here we are in yet another wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The outlook seems to change from one day to the next, leaving everyone wondering if things will ever return to normal. If you’ve been dreaming of having surgery to reshape your nose, you may wonder whether when it’s a good time to pull the trigger on rhinoplasty.

Few plastic surgeries are more emotionally or physically transformative than a nose job. But is now the time?

Good Timing?

Yes, wearing a mask can help you avoid the COVID-19 virus, allergens, and other respiratory illnesses. You may also have embraced the era of masking if you are self-conscious about issues like a hump, bulbous tip, or flared nostrils. But here’s something else to consider: Wearing a mask will hide most of your nasal swelling while you recover from rhinoplasty.

How Our Noses Change as We Age

While you may think of rhinoplasty as more of a coming-of-age correction, we frequently see adults in their 30s and 40s contemplating a nose job. Age-related influences can make your nose appear bigger or wider, while the effects of gravity and time cause nasal structures to lengthen and loosen, resulting in a loss of support for the nasal tip cartilage and the appearance of a more prominent nose.

Rhinoplasty Basics

Patients consider rhinoplasty in Annapolis for various reasons:

  • Unflattering bump
  • The nose is too large and prominent
  • Trouble breathing through the nasal passage

At your consultation, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Sandel can help you choose the perfect shape and size for your nose to balance facial features. He understands the typical patient hesitations before committing to cosmetic surgery. He will guide you through the process in our stress-free, comfortable clinic and provide the best health care medicine has to offer.

Dr. Sandel’s goal is to positively alter your nasal framework and redrape the skin over the newly formed structure. He employs open and closed rhinoplasty techniques for outstanding results.

No Time Like the Present

If you have been on the fence about having a surgical correction to enhance your facial appearance or nasal function, early 2022 could be an ideal time. Also, now that we are in the middle of winter, the cooler months make recovery more comfortable and give you ample opportunity to heal and look your best for spring.

If you would like more information about rhinoplasty in Annapolis, contact Sandel Duggal Plastic Surgery and MedSpa today to schedule your consultation.