11 Tips for a Smooth Breast Augmentation Recovery

Today’s breast augmentation recovery is a much smoother process than it used to be. Thanks to modern techniques and technology, discomfort is more manageable, incisions are smaller, and healing is faster.

However, you should still follow best practices and your surgeon’s recommendations to ensure a healthy healing process. Here are 11 tips we think you should know.

1. Secure a Ride Home From the Surgery Center

Make sure you bring a responsible adult with you to your surgery to drive you home afterward and stay with you for the day. The anesthesia will leave you too groggy for driving, and you’ll need help around the house as well.

2. Don’t Take Pain Meds on an Empty Stomach

Before taking your prescribed medication, make sure you eat. Do at least two weeks’ worth of grocery shopping ahead of time, and make sure to stock up on snacks like crackers and pretzels to prevent nausea.

3. Sleep on Your Back

If you’re a natural side or stomach sleeper, surround yourself with pillows to keep you from rolling over in your sleep. You will probably tire more easily while your body is healing from breast augmentation surgery, so before your procedure, do yourself a favor and put fresh, clean sheets on your bed.

4. Don’t Be Too Inactive

Though you may spend more time resting and sleeping for optimal healing, a gradual increase in activity in the days following your surgery is critical. Begin with slow walks and light stretching, then move toward more strenuous activities over the next few weeks until you feel well enough to slip back into your regular routine.

5. Adhere to Your Doctor’s Instructions

You should follow your surgeon’s after-surgery instructions on diet, activities, and incision care.

6. Advance Diet Gradually and Drink Plenty of Water

Pain medicine can cause nausea on an empty stomach, and if you don’t drink enough water, you may become dehydrated. Eat when you are hungry, but stick to fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

7. Constipation Is Possible

Pain meds can also harden your stool. Prepare for this by stocking up with stool softeners, laxatives, and fiber supplements. Buy fiber-based foods, too, like beans and whole grains.

8. Avoid Over-the-Counter Topical Products

Incision care is critical for scar prevention. We will advise you on medical-grade products to treat your incisions, but stay away from any over-the-counter products we haven’t recommended.

9. Wear Your Surgical Bra

Wearing your surgical bra is essential to ensure a successful recovery following breast surgery. This compression bra supports your implants and helps minimize swelling. It also aids the healing process while reducing the risk of infection.

10. Keep a Positive Mindset

Mentally prepare yourself to experience some emotional highs and lows during your recovery. It will take time for your implants to settle into their permanent position. Stay patient and positive during this period and think about how stunning you will look in the weeks to come.

11. When in Doubt, Call

If you have any questions or concerns during your recovery process, don’t hesitate to call your surgeon. They can answer any of your questions and calm your fears. If there is a problem, they will have you come in.

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