“Invisible Incision” Facelift

Facelifts have changed a lot over the past 20 years. No longer do patients have to deal with extended recovery times with more invasive procedures! Today, with “scarless” techniques perfected by Dr. Sandel, patients can experience the long-term benefit of lifting and tightening the skin in the lower face and neck with minimal recovery.

Dr. Sandel places incisions inside and behind the ear… with no scar in front of the ear. The incisions are so well placed that even while the sutures are in place, they are difficult to see.

The procedure is performed under light anesthesia here at West Annapolis Surgery Center.. our premier operating facility dedicated to plastic surgery. Patients go home within an hour after the procedure. The hidden sutures will come out about a week after surgery… and at that time patients can wear makeup if any residual bruising is present.

There is minimal pain after the surgery as most patients are taking just Tylenol after the first day. No dressings are necessary after day 2.

Get An Early Start To Looking Great With A Mini-Lift

Many patients ask Dr Sandel, “when is the best time to think about tightening the skin in my neck.” The answer depends on the patient, but typically the sooner the better! Patients in their 40’s are the first to start showing signs of aging in the neck. A simple procedure can take care of this excess skin without visible scars around the ears. This procedure is less invasive and has a shorter recovery time than procedures performed later in life.

Two smaller procedures (15-20 years apart) are better for most patients than one bigger procedure performed later in life. Patients get the benefit of shorter healing times and less invasive techniques. Also, the changes are more subtle and hold up better over time.

Call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Sandel today to learn more about what options works best for you. He will review all of the available options to help you look and feel your best! And, best of all, there will no signs that you’ve ever had surgery!