How to Manage Swelling in Your Nose After a Rhinoplasty

Swelling in your nose after a rhinoplasty is very common, particularly if surgical fractures were required to complete the procedure. However, there are many tips and tricks you can use to minimize the post-operative swelling in your nose and face. Your surgeon will also be happy to address any swelling concerns that you have during your consultation.

Keep Your Head Elevated

It’s a good idea to keep your head elevated when relaxing and sleeping. This allows fluid to drain properly and out from your face. You don’t need to sleep sitting up, but it’s a good idea to use at least one or two pillows to elevate your head adequately.

Utilize Cool Compresses

You can utilize cool compresses on your forehead and cheeks after surgery to soothe the area. Apply your compress for 20 minutes and take a 20-minute break before reapplying it. However, you should never place ice or a cold compress directly on your nose or skin. Use a thin cloth to form a barrier between the ice and your skin. Putting ice or a cold compress directly on your nose can alter blood flow to the area and put pressure on the new nose shape. Moisture can also dampen the cast and lead to it falling off prematurely.

Limit Activities that Exacerbate Swelling

It sounds like common sense, but you should avoid any activities that exacerbate swelling in your nose and inflammation in your body. These activities can include:
• Consuming alcohol
• Consuming excess salt
• Excess heat exposure
• Sunburn
• Re-traumatizing the same area after surgery.

rhinoplasty patient
rhinoplasty patient

Follow Post-Operative Instructions

The best way to limit swelling in your nose is carefully adhering to all post-operative instructions. After your surgery, your surgeon will place a surgical splint across your nasal bridge to help minimize swelling. You will have nasal taping on your new nose. After approximately one week of continuous taping, you will be given additional guidance as to whether taping should continue or not. By following all instructions, you will limit swelling as much as possible.

Reduce Swelling in Your Nose After Your Rhinoplasty with Our Help

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