Get Bikini-Ready With These Popular Procedures This Summer!

Have you planned a summer getaway to the beach? Do you want to show off a sleek, toned body that will turn heads? You may have an idea of the clothes you want to wear, like spaghetti straps, sleeveless blouses, or an itsy-bitsy bikini. But is your body ready? If not, what should you do?

At Sandel Duggal Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Claire Duggal offers body contouring procedures designed to give you a body you’ll want to show off. Whether your concerns revolve around your breasts, core, buttocks, arms, or thighs, she can help you look your best this summer.


For women who wish to show off sexy cleavage in a bikini top, breast enhancement surgeries like breast augmentation and breast lift are popular. To add volume, Dr. Duggal can insert implants to give you the volume and shape you need. Or if weight fluctuation, pregnancy, or hormonal changes have left sagging breasts behind, a breast lift can help.


For a flatter, more toned core, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) restores a woman’s youthful tight tummy. It reinforces stretched abdominal muscles while removing excess skin and fat. Dr. Duggal’s signature tummy tuck technique assures an improved outcome and speeds healing for shorter downtime.


Like the breasts, the buttocks often react to gravity in an unflattering way. A Brazilian butt lift shapes the backside to enhance your curves from behind. It removes and lifts contours with natural fat tissue transferred from another part of the patient’s body.


Are you dealing with bat wings or flabby thighs? Arm and thigh lifts give these parts of your body that long, lean appearance most women dream about. These surgeries remove excess skin and fat to deliver the shape your bikini encourages you to show off.

Unwanted Fat Bulges

Do you struggle with fat pads in trouble spots that diet and exercise seem to ignore? You’re at a healthy weight, but you can’t get rid of that pesky fat.

Liposuction can permanently eliminate unwanted fat in your trouble spots. It treats problem areas like the abdomen, chest, back, buttocks, and thighs. We can also use it on the upper arm and neck.

Non-Surgical Options

For women who seek a non-surgical solution, we offer minimally and non-invasive treatments that get you in and out of our office quickly. Treatments like Sculpsure offer light-based therapies to make you look more toned.

Learn More About Your Body Contouring Options in Annapolis

At the Sandel Duggal Center for Plastic Surgery in Annapolis, Dr. Claire Duggal has years of experience in all body contouring surgery. She has earned a stellar reputation for her stunning results and her compassionate care.  Call us today at (410) 266-7120 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and learn more.