What You Need to Do to Prepare for a Tummy Tuck

Getting an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck can help you resolve the look of loose skin, sagging muscles, and stubborn pockets of fat from your abdomen. This procedure tones your abdominal profile, enhances your contours, and boosts your confidence.

With the seasoned expertise of Dr. Claire Duggal, you can reap all the rewards of getting a tummy tuck in Annapolis, MD. But to get the most out of your surgery and enjoy a smooth recovery, you also need to learn what to do before a tummy tuck.

To help you with this process, here are important tips to prepare for your tummy tuck surgery.

You Need to Be Close to Your Ideal Weight

It is important to understand that a tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure. While it can help you lose a noticeable amount of stubborn fat, its main purpose is to trim excess skin and repair weakened muscles to produce a flatter abdominal profile.

In some cases, your surgeon may perform a liposuction to help you lose excess fat and improve your new contours, but even that procedure has its limits. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you are close to your ideal weight before you schedule your tummy tuck.

You Have to Go Through Lab Tests

One of the most important tips to prepare for a tummy tuck is to get a few lab tests done. These tests are prescribed by your doctor and help determine if you are healthy enough for the surgery without additional interventions.

The process typically only requires some basic blood work and tests, which does not put you through intensive requirements. However, you need to get these tests under the guidance of your surgeon. Once the results come in, you can discuss them together and form the right plan for your tummy tuck.

You Need to Stop Smoking around Your Surgery Date

When learning what to do before a tummy tuck, letting go of smoking is one of the most important suggestions to follow. Smoking can interfere with your oxygen levels and impede healing after your surgery. It can also lead to further complications with your immune system during your recovery.

But if you do not want to stop smoking altogether, you can simply put a pause on it a at least six weeks before and after your surgery. In case you are having trouble following this requirement, you can speak to your surgeon about coping mechanisms that can help you with your smoking habits.

You Have to Take Some Time off Work

While looking for tips to prepare for a tummy tuck, taking some time off after your surgery is a crucial step. After an abdominoplasty, you may need to rest for at least two weeks after your surgery. Afterwards, you can resume most activities as long as they are not physically strenuous.

You can then go back to any physically demanding activities about four to six weeks after your tummy tuck. Being mindful of this requirement, apply for time off from work for at least two to three weeks. You can then get personalized advice on resuming your usual lifestyle during your post-op checkups with your surgeon.

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