woman smile in operating surgery room

The Sandel Duggal Center in Annapolis is home to a highly trained and experienced staff who help patients achieve the natural, healthy appearance they desire. Offering a wide array of non invasive, minimally invasive and surgical options, the Sandel Duggal Center provides “one stop” shopping for skin rejuvenation and cosmetic enhancement.

Many patients come to us with apprehension about achieving the results they want and what it will take to get there- both physically and financially. Dr. Sandel will take the time to thoroughly understand their state of health and their personal goals before recommending appropriate options. In most cases, patients are pleasantly surprised at the range of available treatments and the feasibility of realizing their cosmetic goals.

While there are many cases in which a surgical solution will offer the best result, many patients are pleased to learn that advances in minimally invasive and non invasive skin treatments can help them reduce the signs of aging and skin damage with little down time and a smaller price tag.

These treatments carry little to no risk of adverse side effects and none of the concerns when facing a surgical procedure. With periodic “touch ups”, patients can typically maintain their youthful appearance for many years. Dr. Sandel also offers medical grade skin care to further reduce the effects of both the environment and aging on the skin, complementing skin rejuvenation procedures and bolstering the longevity of results.

If you have been wondering what a cosmetic treatment or procedure could do for your appearance or have a cosmetic concern that could be addressed with a cosmetic surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sandel. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about which options are best suited to you and the details of each procedure, helping you to make the choice that will address your goals and your budget.