Body contouring refers to the excision of skin and fat after weight loss in order to restore a smooth contour to the arms, back, thighs, arms or other areas.

  • What are the options for body contouring?

    Body contouring can refer to abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck”, circumferential body lift, brachioplasty, removing skin from under the arms, thigh lift, buttock lift, or upper back excision, also known as “bra roll excision”. Depending on the priorities of each patient, some of these procedures can be combined during the same operation and some will be done in a staged fashion to ensure safety.

  • Brachioplasty

    Brachioplasty refers to removing excess skin on the upper arms via an incision that runs from just above the elbow to the armpit area along the inside of the arm.

  • Circumferential Body Lift or Belt Lipectomy

    For patients with excess skin of their abdomen that also extends around to their flanks and backs, a circumferential body lift may be recommended. The incision would include a standard abdominoplasty incision low on the abdomen, but would continue all around to the back in order to address the back, flanks, and buttock area. This is also known as a belt lipectomy.

  • Thigh Lift

    A thigh lift can be performed to remove excess skin on the thighs and upper knee area. The incision is often placed near the groin extending down the inner leg, or extending forward from the natural buttock crease.

  • Buttock Lift

    A buttock lift can be appropriate for patients who feel their buttocks have sagged or deflated after weight loss. In this case the excess skin can be removed through incisions along the lines of thong or bikini underwear. An alternative to traditional buttock lifting is sometimes referred to as a “Brazillian buttock lift” or autologous fat grafting to the buttocks. In this procedure, a patient’s own fat is obtained through traditional liposuction and then re-injected into the buttock to restore lost volume or enhance the derriere.

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“The process of changing your lifestyle and losing a significant amount of weight is a long journey which often ends in a fitter and healthier version of yourself but still not quite the body you wish you had. Body contouring surgery can remove the excess skin and reveal the body you have worked so hard to achieve.”

Claire Duggal, MD