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A skin cancer diagnosis presents many concerns, from overall health to how one’s appearance may be affected. Prompt and comprehensive treatment and removal is typically necessary.

Dr. Sandel is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon who also has years of experience working with patients who are in need of skin cancer removal reconstruction or scar revision from a previously removed lesion. He is proud to be an Annapolis area referral physician for skin cancer reconstructions, including Mohs Surgery for the removal of certain types of skin cancers.

In cases where skin cancer has been diagnosed on the face, patients are immediately concerned about the cosmetic effects that removal may present. Dr. Sandel works with each patient to achieve the best possible result, creating an individualized treatment plan that addresses both health and cosmetic concerns. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sandel understands the delicate structures and tissues of the face and seeks to provide a surgical result that is natural looking and functioning.

Mohs Surgery

Dr. Sandel performs Mohs Surgery reconstruction for patients with primary basal cell carcinoma and certain cases of squamous cell carcinoma. This surgery uses microscopically controlled removal of small resections of the affected area that are then frozen immediately and analyzed for pathology before the next small section is identified for removal. This enables the dermatologist or surgeon to remove as little tissue as possible and preserve both aesthetics and function. Mohs Surgery leaves an open wound that Dr. Sandel will then close, reconstructing when necessary for optimal results.

Scar Revision

Patients often come to the Sandel Duggal Center with cosmetic concerns about a scar from previous skin cancer removal. Dr. Sandel will evaluate the scar tissue and recommend a treatment plan to address both cosmetic goals and, when necessary, restore better function of affected facial tissue. There are a variety of treatment options, or combination of options, that may be suggested and Dr. Sandel will discuss those best suited to your particular case as well as expected results.

Skin cancer continues to be a major health concern that can have a variety of risk factors, including sun exposure. It is important to use sunscreen anytime you are out in the sun to reduce your risk of skin damage and skin cancer, and avoid sun exposure if you have been diagnosed with any type of skin cancer or consider yourself at greater risk of the disease.