One of the main characteristics of the aging face is the loss of volume in the midface and cheeks. This loss of volume gives you a hollow appearance to the midface and accentuates the deep smile lines. Also, the effects of gravity pull down on the lower eyelid and deepen the tear trough.

Did you know that this can be corrected without surgery?

Radiesse™ is an excellent volume filler for the midface. Made of calcium hydroxyapetite, Radiesse™ is injected deep to the cheek simulating a surgical midfacial implant. It is easily performed in the office similar to other fillers. Also, Radiesse™ is excellent for adding definition to the prejowl jawline. This contours the jawline lessening the appearance of the jowls in certain patients.

Gain a youthful fullness to your cheeks and experience a “liquid cheeklift” that can last up to 2 years!