How to Find the Perfect Nose for Your Face

Every year, thousands of Americans have their noses straightened, slimmed, modified and improved with rhinoplasty procedures, and it is currently the 3rd most popular cosmetic procedure in the country. While the procedure is very common, many people don’t understand the role of the nose in balancing facial features and creating the most flattering appearance possible. Surgeons play a critical role in guiding patients to find the perfect nose for their face.

The Nose Balances the Face

When a surgeon works to find the perfect nose for a patient, balance is one of the most critical factors. You might have a beautiful nose when it is considered separately from your other facial features, but if it is out of proportion with the rest of your face, you will not achieve your maximum potential. That’s part of why every cosmetic professional takes so much time to examine a patient’s cheeks, eyes, chin, brow and overall facial structure and shape before any procedure. The changes to a nose during a rhinoplasty procedure are designed to make the nose proportional to the rest of the face and improve facial symmetry. Small adjustments can radically change your overall look!

Genetics Play a Role

Another critical aspect that must be considered to find the perfect nose is genetics. The right nose for your face will take into account your natural appearance and enhance your appearance. For example, some ethnicities have thicker nostrils and others have more narrow nostrils. By taking genetic nuances into account, a surgeon can adapt their approach to find the perfect nose for a patient’s face instead of providing a “one size fits all” rhinoplasty.

rhinoplasty patient
rhinoplasty patient

The Profile Matters

While the look of the face straight on is critical, the profile of the face also matters. Your surgeon will examine your face from a number of angles in the process of finding your perfect nose. The face has many different angles, and adjusting one slightly can create a more ideal profile and facial appearance.

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