How Long Does It Take for Fillers to Settle on Your Face?

Are you thinking of getting dermal fillers in Annapolis, Maryland? Do you want to know if there are fillers that settle within days? The qualified medical professionals, Dr. Henry Sandel and Dr. Claire Duggal, present all the information you need to know about the settlement period of fillers. Learn more about fitting this procedure into your life when you have a tight schedule.


What Are Fillers?


Fillers are non-surgical procedures you can try to treat your smile lines, plump your cheeks, and reduce the signs of skin aging. When people notice wrinkles, smile lines, or when their face loses volume, they start to think of fillers.


Most of the time fillers are temporary. Fillers can last between six months to a couple of years. But your results will depend on the type of filler you are receiving, placement, and your individual response.


If you want to maintain your youthful-looking skin, or if you want to reduce the signs of aging on your skin, you should consider dermal fillers.


Typically, dermal filler appointments take an hour minimum. However, this doesn’t mean you will see results immediately following the procedure. Here are some points you need to know about fillers.


How Long Does It Take Fillers to Settle?


The initial impact of the filler is visible right after the procedure has ended. But the final result of your fillers can take a couple of days up to some weeks. The settlement time of fillers is dependent on the type of fillers you get. Some fillers use hyaluronic acid gel-like substances. These substances break down and absorb into the skin, hydrating from the inside.


Swelling and minor bruising are common side effects of fillers you need to pay attention to after getting fillers done.

Settlement Period of Fillers Depends on the Filler Type

It is essential to remember that different types of fillers can be used, depending on your aesthetic needs. Here are the 5 common filler types and their settlement period.


  • Juvéderm

Juvéderm is a gel-like substance made of hyaluronic acid used to minimize wrinkles and facial lines. This type of filler gives instant volume to the face, but it will take two weeks to see the final result.


  • Restylane

This filler is also made from hyaluronic acid. It is mainly used to maintain facial folds and plump your lips. It will typically take two weeks for this filler to settle in.


  • Radiesse

This filler type is used to encourage your body to produce collagen for up to one year. The settlement period ranges between one to two weeks.


  • Sculptra

Sculptra is one of the filler types that takes a longer time to settle, and its effect last a lot longer than others. The settling period of Sculptra is four to six weeks. But the effects last up to three years, making the procedure worth it.


  • Voluma

Patients appreciate Voluma because it offers a fuller,  lifted look without the need for surgical procedures.



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