Plastic surgery has become very popular and more affordable. One of the most common procedures is rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job.

Rhinoplasties are usually performed to enhance looks. The nose is the most defining feature of the face and also the most changeable. Some people may be unhappy with their nose as the face ages or may simply want it reduced in size and given a more flattering shape. An injury to the nose may also change its characteristics and make it appear crooked or unnatural. A rhinoplasty can help in all of these situations. Even a slight alteration can make a very big difference in overall appearance and self-confidence.

nose job may also help with sinus issues, such a deviated septum, which can cause breathing difficulties especially while sleeping.

The surgery is performed by lifting the skin of the nose from the bone. Most necessary incisions are made internally, to minimize scarring. Cartilage and bone is moved about to create the new desired nose shape. The nose skin is then replaced and all incisions are sutured. The nose may be packed with gauze to keep the new shape stable and a splint is applied to the outer structure.

It is normal to have a puffy face for a day or so after this surgery is performed. It is important not to blow the nose for at least a week and to keep the head elevated. There may be bruising and this can be relieved by gently applying cold cloths to the face. It is also important to avoid too much sun exposure and exertion, even after the splint is removed. Keep all follow-up appointments and advise the doctor of any changes.

Anyone considering a rhinoplasty is advised to find a certified plastic surgeon with references and good standing in the medical community.