Does Scar Revision Work on Older Scars?

During your pursuit to achieve clear and glowing skin, you may stumble upon a variety of cosmetic procedures. While many of these approaches provide you with results such as reducing wrinkles and eliminating age spots, only scar revision remains effective for hiding scar tissue.


But if you have scars that are more than a few years old, you might be concerned about the efficacy of scar revision for older scars. Does the procedure actually work? If yes, how effective it might be? Most of all, what kind of measures does it involve?


With the seasoned expertise of Dr. Henry Sandel and Dr. Claire Duggal, you can get all the answers and solutions you require for scar revision in Annapolis, MD. To help you learn more about the approach, here is some information about scar revision and the processes it uses for remarkable results.


What Does Scar Revision Mean?

Scars come in many forms and can appear amid different facial and body areas. Scar revision refers to the process of hiding or eliminating such scars over your face or body. This approach uses a variety of surgical and non-surgical methods to achieve the desired results.


Due to the varied appearance of scars, the actual scar revision process may depend upon the type of scar that you have, where you have it, and how effectively it can be hidden or removed using one of the available techniques.


How Effective Is Scar Revision for Old Scars?

When scars form over our body, they end up harming multiple layers of skin. This extensive effect turns scars into permanent marks. The older a scar is, the more stubborn it could be to remove due to prolonged damage to the skin.


However, scar revision techniques can still work wonders on older scars. Depending upon the placement and appearance of your scar, your cosmetic surgeon may use one of the following approaches to resolve your concern.


  • Z-Plasty. Your doctor may hide your old scar within nearby natural skin creases


  • Skin Grafting. Your surgeon may take a section of skin from a donor site on your body to cover the scar


  • Laser Resurfacing. Your doctor may use lasers to eradicate elevated scar tissue, making it level with your skin’s normal surface layer


  • Your doctor may provide you with topical medications to reduce the appearance of your scar


How Can You Choose an Effective Scar Revision Method?

To find the right method of scar revision for your older scars, you need to consult with a surgeon who specializes in this approach. This allows you to receive an expert opinion that takes the following aspects into account:


  • Scar placement
  • Scar size
  • Scar shape
  • Scar depth


Once your surgeon has completed a hands-on consultation, they can recommend what type of measures may provide you with your desired results. This allows you to choose an approach that could deliver the most effective results.


Discover Your Ideal Scar Revision Treatment Today

With several methods available to revise the appearance of older scars, you can be confident in the effectiveness of a personalized treatment. To schedule your consultation with an expert, contact the Sandel Duggal Center for Plastic Surgery of Annapolis online or call us at (410) 266-7120 today.