Loosening of the skin below the chin is a common and problematic cosmetic condition. As you age, the muscles and the skin in the neck and lower face lose tone and elasticity, often creating hanging jowls under the chin. This can prematurely age your appearance, making you look much older and more tired.

Don’t be intimidated by extensive surgery and long recovery times – today’s technology has streamlined facial procedures making the process quicker, less invasive, and will often have you back on your feet in just a few hours. Surgical options are more regionally focused, and there are now options that omit surgery entirely. Don’t waste any more time feeling anxious or self conscious about your sagging neckline.

What Are My Options?

Laser Skin Tightening : CO2 Laser

The Lumenis Ultrapulse® Encore CO2 laser system is a state of the art laser that targets fine lines and discoloration and helps to tone skin and counteract the loss of elasticity in the neck. The Sandel Duggal Center of Annapolis offers this revolutionary technology. Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Henry Sandel can help those who show early signs of loss of tightness. Dr. Sandel will often suggest using CO2 laser in combination with other treatments.

Facelift Surgery

If surgery is the right route for you, rest assured the procedure has evolved over the past ten years. Previously, the only surgical option was a full face lift. With advancement in technology, Dr. Sandel is able to attend to each part of the face separately, and plans for treatment of each zone accordingly. Incisions are smaller and less noticeable, leaving minimal scarring in unnoticed areas. This method makes the surgery more effective, and helps Dr. Sandel create the exact results you desire. As an outpatient procedure, the healing process takes just 7-10 days, but creates long lasting amazing results.

Whatever procedure you select, know that by choosing The Sandel Duggal Center of Annapolis, MD, you are trusting the best in Facial Plastic Surgery. Get ready to show off a fresher, new you, contact Annapolis cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandel today!