Come try out Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA)

Merz has recently introduced a new FDA approved botulinumtoxinA into the market.

Dr. Sandel is one of only a few select providers to offer this new BOTOX alternative.

How is Xeomin different?

The manufacturing process for Xeomin purifies the active medication to remove almost all accessory proteins. This means that patients are less likely to develop antibodies that would reduce its effectiveness over time. click here to learn more

Have you been using BOTOX or Dysport and have noticed the effects have lessened over time? Xeomin may be an answer.

Ask Dr. Sandel if Xeomin is right for you.

For a limited time, Xeomin is being offered for only $11 per unit.

(patients average 15-20units per area treated)

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