5 Eyelid Surgery Recovery Tips

Since 2018, the interest in eyelid surgery has gradually increased. Blepharoplasty is particularly popular for those looking to remove buildup around the eyes. This procedure removes unwanted eye bags and restores the eyes to a more youthful appearance.

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There are many aftercare protocols in place to achieve the best results after eyelid surgery. You may experience:

  • watering eyes
  • blurry vision
  • light sensitivity
  • swelling
  • bruising

Due to anesthesia and vision limitations, someone will need to drive you home and stay with you the first evening post-surgery.

Recovery is a three-part process. Bruising takes around two to three weeks to heal, and swelling takes up to eight weeks. However, visual interferences leave quickly, allowing you to get back to work five days following surgery.

You will have scars after your procedure, but they will be well-placed by your surgeon and inconspicuous. Scarring should subside gradually for up to one year following the procedure. You will also be given instructions on how to care for your incisions/scars.

Now that you understand the expectations for eyelid surgery recovery, here are some additional tips for your recovery:

1. Take Off from Work

As previously mentioned, it will take a minimum of five days before you may feel comfortable returning to work. The swelling may take up to eight weeks to improve; thus, you may want to take an extended amount of time off to recover. Rest as much as possible so that the body can restore the areas that need healing.

2. Follow Aftercare Instructions

Follow the aftercare instructions established by your doctor to encourage optimal healing and recovery. Some aftercare suggestions may include:

  • applying icepacks to the eyes consistently for three days after surgery
  • abstaining from wearing contact lenses for two weeks
  • refraining from smoking
  • sleeping in an elevated position

3. Keep Your Eyes Protected

Your eyes will be sensitive after surgery. Limit your exposure to sunlight and wind. Wear tinted or dark sunglasses and a hat to limit the amount of light you’re exposed to. Take these precautionary methods seriously until you have healed completed.

4. Avoid Eye Straining

Limit your screen time and time spent reading. If possible, avoid these activities altogether. You want to stay away from these activities to avoid straining and drying out the eyes. Your eyes need all the rest that they can get following surgery.

5. No Intensive Exercise

Heavy lifting and strenuous cardio exercises can lead to bleeding from increased blood flow in the eyes. Stay clear of strenuous exercise for at least three weeks following surgery.

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