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Eyelid Surgery Refreshes Your Look

As people get older, skin loses elasticity, and the eyelids begin to show evidence of aging including puffiness, sagging and lines. This can result in a face that appears tired and much older than its actual years. Due to advances in technology, these concerns can usually be improved or corrected through a single procedure. Eyelid […]

About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or as it is more commonly called, a nose job, can be a much more complex procedure than simply changing the shape of the nose. While it is not uncommon to have surgery to reshape the nose, the nose is also a highly complex structure made up of bones and cartilage as well as […]

Beautifying with Botox

Because of its many benefits, Botox has been used by 11 million patients, both women and men. The real and noticeable results of Botox without surgery or recovery time make this cosmetic injection a popular choice by patients and doctors. Botox was approved by the FDA during the late 1980s when it was found to […]

Welcome to the Sandel Center in Annapolis Maryland

When you put the care of your face and skin in the expert hands of Dr. Henry D. Sandel IV, you will be with a highly skilled, board certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon who believes that the face you present to the world should be a reflection of all the beauty within you. Learn […]