Heather Hultzer, LE

Medical Aesthetician & Spa Director

Heather joined our team in September 2015 and has more than seven years’ experience in the skincare industry. Heather brings a wealth of knowledge concerning a variety of skin conditions and has an exceptional ability to customize skin care regimens to match each individual’s goals and lifestyle.

Having battled early on with her own acne and rosacea issues, Heather became a medical aesthetician after seeing the difference medical skin care made to her own skin. Heather is truly passionate about helping others achieve the same positive outcomes.

Heather is clinically trained and certified to recognize and treat an array of problematic skin conditions such as melasma, rosacea, acne, general sun exposure and aging skin concerns. Heather will provide each of her patient’s a detailed and confidential skin care analysis, and tailor a specific and customized skin care regime to help achieve and maintain their desired look.

Kristi Kelly, LE

Kristi Kelly, LE

Medical Aesthetician

Kristi has more than 12 years of experience in the aesthetic and plastic surgery industries and joined our team in March 2016. Her knowledge of skin care and non-invasive face and body treatments allow us to build a comprehensive and balanced treatment plan for each patient.

Kristi’s experience as a medical assistant in the plastic surgery world also provides each patient with an exceptional education pre- and post-operatively. Kristi has a true passion for skincare and together with our Medical Spa Director, will continue to develop therapeutic and result-driven skin care treatments.