Getting Ready For The Holidays? What you can do to look your best

Here is a list of minimal to no downtime treatments offered at the Sandel Duggal Center in Annapolis.

  • Remove brown sun spots on the face and hands with Sciton BBL Laser skin treatments
  • Reduce redness and broken capillaries in your cheeks with Sciton BBL laser treatments
  • Relax frown lines around the eyes with BOTOX or Dysport
  • Plump and define your lips with Perlane, Juvederm or Belotero
  • Improve the hollows and bags in the lower eyelids with Restylane injectable filler
  • Reduce deep smile lines around the mouth with Restylane
  • Soften fine lines of the upper lip with Belotero
  • Lift the cheeks and add volume with Radiesse
  • Lift the downturned corners of your mouth with Belotero and BOTOX
  • Lessen dark circles under the eyes will BBL laser and filler treatments
  • Improve your skin with advanced medical skin care products
  • Lengthen your eyelashes with Latisse
    • Call 410.266.7120 to discuss any of these treatments or email